Frequency signal meter JBH meter

فرکانس متر سیگنالی

Frequency signal meter JBH meter

Frequency signal meter JBH meter

The JBH frequency signal signal lamp has a measurement range of 75 – 20 Hz. A combination of two products: signal light and frequency meter display is included in one product. This product has only a round type and is offered in 5 colors: red, yellow, green, white, blue.

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JBH frequency signal signal lamp and its applications

One of the most important and main conditions for turning on and starting electrical and electronic devices and equipment is the normal frequency of single-phase or three-phase electricity. The JBH Frequency Meter Signal Lamp gives you the view to evaluate the frequency instantly. In cases where there is an emergency power system such as a diesel generator or electric motor, the efficiency of this product becomes more colorful.


Signal meter frequency and its uses

  1. Measure the frequency of the power input to the switchboard
  2. Diesel generator output power measurement
  3. Measurement of electric motor output power frequency

Frequency of signal meter and how to install it

To turn on this signal light, just give a voltage of 20 to 500 volts to pins X1 and X2. In this case, the signal light is on and shows you the frequency with very high accuracy.


Specifications of JBH frequency meter signal light


Round Frequencymeter Lamp Indicator

Product Name
JRAD16-22Hz-R-(RD-YL-GR-WH-BL) Order Code
20 – 75 Hz Measuring Range
1 % Accuracy
22 mm Diameter
Self Power Power Supply
-20 …. +50 °c Ambient Temp
(R-O-G-B-W) Colors
>30.000 Hour Life Time
>60 cd/m2 Brightness
Plastic Body Material
90° Beam Angel
54/20 IP(Front/Back)
10 pcs QTY:Per CTN
90 % R.Humidity
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