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JBH means

Accurate identification of electricity market needs

And provide the most attractive solution


Provide free consultations

To advance your goals


Provide quality products

High quality and low price

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Extensive dealer network throughout

Iran for your easy access


Prioritize creating experience

Enjoyable shopping on you


Fast communication with us through

Diverse virtual networks


JBH basically thinks about innovation, quality production, cost reduction and always strives to provide innovative solutions and products for the problems of the electricity industry in a creative and cost-effective way.

JBH Objectives

1. Providing high quality products required by the electricity market at reasonable prices and focusing on attractiveness and lack of similar samples

2. Offering quality products with similar samples with a focus on offering competitive prices


JBH value added for JBH representatives

1. Fast return on investment
Many representatives of JBH are active in both industrial and construction electrical fields. On the other hand, many of our products are not limited to one field and have many applications in both industry and construction. In addition, the attractiveness, quality and variety of our products result High sales of agents and this means money in circulation, this means rapid return on investment and finally this means profit.
2. Non-stop
It is a leader in the electricity industry and with a strong R&D team, it offers new and attractive products every two months. Joining JBH means that you are accompanied by the most modern solutions in the electricity market. So you are always ahead of time.
3. The existence of goods
Continuity in sales due to high inventory
4. Price stability
Our constant effort to maintain and stabilize the price will make you make better decisions with peace of mind.

5. Economic justification
The economic justification for using JBH products is usually more cost-effective and attractive compared to other brand solutions.
6. Discounts
Our tiered discount range, depending on the amount of your purchase, increases the hope and motivation to continue working together to earn a higher discount percentage.
7. Advertising
Designing photos and promotional videos for each representative with their own logo

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