Echo thermostat JBH

ترموستات اکو JBH

Echo thermostat JBH


Echo thermostat JBH

In addition to displaying the temperature and temperature setting, the JBH Echo thermostat is able to control the temperature in both cooling and heating operating modes based on the user’s set temperature.


Technical specifications of JBH Echo thermostat
Temperature measurement range: +120 … -50 ° C
Measurement accuracy: 0.1 ° C
Power supply: VAC 220
Measuring sensor: NTC 10 K waterproof
Output relay current: 10 amps
Working temperature of the device: 60+ … 10- degrees Celsius
Working humidity: 85% … 20%
Dimensions of the front frame: length 78 mm, width 40 mm, depth 24 mm
Rear frame size: length 69 mm width 37 mm


How to apply the settings
Set the setpoint temperature to disconnect and connect the relay by pressing and releasing the SET button for 3 seconds. The low number, which is the user’s set temperature, is marked in blue. Then with both up and down buttons, the value of this parameter can be increased and decreased. This thermostat has 9 functions P0 to P8. Hold down the SET key for 10 seconds until P0 appears. Release the key and then move between functions each time you press the SET key. Increase or decrease the numeric value of the parameter to set each of these 9 functions with the up and down buttons. Hold down the SET key for a few seconds to save the setting values.


Introduction of functions
P0: Cooling (H) Heating (C)
P1: Adjust the value of the differential temperature

(For example, if you set the set point number to 25 degrees and the differential temperature to 2 degrees in the heating mode and the ambient temperature is 20 degrees, the relay will be connected to bring the temperature to 25 + 2. After reaching the temperature of 27 relays) Disconnect and repeat if the temperature drops below 25 ° C. In general, the Echo JBH thermostat constantly maintains a temperature between 25 and 27 ° C.

P2: Limit the set point by setting the maximum set point
P3: Limit the set point by setting the minimum set point
P4: Calibrate the current temperature
P5: Set the delay time in connecting the relay if the set point and the current temperature are equal (for compressor,
Refrigerator and …)

P6: Set the current temperature limit display to on and off
P7: Lock setpoint settings
P8: Factory settings (Set parameter P8 and do not press any button for a few seconds.)


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