JBH integrated power protector

محافظ برق یکپارچه JBH

JBH integrated protector

Adjustable protection 3 parameters voltage, current and current leakage along with display

Voltage display and adjustable voltage protection for low and high limit

The most serious danger that generally threatens the health of electrical and electronic equipment is voltage fluctuations. JBH integrated protector detects this fluctuation when the mains voltage is lower than normal or higher, and based on your adjustment values ​​for the upper and lower voltage limits, it will prevent damage to your equipment by cutting off its output power. he does . Then, if the fluctuation goes away, when the voltage level returns to normal, it will automatically turn on the power after the time delay in your regulating connection.


Current display and adjustable current protection for the upper limit

Another common threat to equipment health is excessive current consumption. Abnormal current consumption is due to various reasons such as overload, high equipment temperature, high current leakage and so on. This is more common in pumps, electric motors and elements. With its built-in CT, the JBH integrated protector measures, displays, and protects the consumer’s current according to your setpoint.


Display current leakage and adjustable current leakage protection for the upper limit

Another common challenge in this area is phase connection, phase connection to ground and current leakage in general. Leakage current in many cases leads to fire, indirect electric shock and loss of energy. In addition to displaying the amount of leakage current in the system, JBH integrated guards allow you to adjust the amount of leakage limit so that in case of leakage current exceeds the set value , Cut off your output and prevent accidents.


Prevent single-phase consumers from becoming two-phase

Suppose your switchboard is three-phase and your consumers are single-phase. In the event of a zero-phase three-phase network, the phase returns and goes to the other side of the consumer, and so-called your consumer becomes two-phase. The equipment burns out and causes severe damage. The JBH integrated guard prevents this accident due to its two internal relays, one of which disconnects the phase and the other the neutral.

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Product Name JBH single-phase amplifier protector
Model CVP-EL
Rated voltage 230 VAC
Nominal frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated current for AC-7a / AC-7b type loads 63A/20A
Mechanical and electrical life More than 100,000 cycles
Adjustable parameters in JBH integrated protector

To enter the settings page, hold down the SET button for a few seconds, and after the red LED for high voltage setting is lit, use the up and down arrow keys to set the upper voltage limit value with each press. The SET button, the LED for the next parameter is lit and similar to the previous mode with the up and down buttons can be programmed.


The initial start-up time of the device is 5 seconds and the delay time for all errors is less than 1 second.
Voltage upper limit setting range      250V-300V Default: 270 V
High voltage recovery is non-adjustable.     11 volts is below the set voltage.
Voltage limit setting range      150V-190V Default: 170V
Low voltage recovery is non-adjustable.      11 volts is more than the lower limit of the regulating voltage.
Flow limit setting range      1A-63A       
Permissible current leakage setting range   10 to 99 mA 0 = Disable leak protection
Set the total connection delay time for each error     5 to 90 seconds


محافظ برق یکپارچه JBH

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