JBH Automatic Single Phase Manual Contactor

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JBH Automatic Single Phase Manual Contactor (Key)


JBH Automatic Single Phase Manual Contactor (Key)

JBH automatic single-phase contactors (switches) are a great alternative to three-phase contactors if your use is single-phase.


JBH Automatic Single Phase Manual Contactor (Key)

JBH automatic single-phase contactor (switch) has two 25-amp bridges that if the user wants a current lower than 25 amps single-phase, he must pass the phase from one bridge and zero from the other bridge, and if the user wants If the current is between 25 and 50 amps, it will be able to draw up to 50 amps by bridging or so-called doubling the bridges and only passing the phase through two bridges. In fact, 50 amps for fully ohmic loads and 20 amps for loads. Absolutely selfie. This product has a three-position switch 0, 1 and AUTO, which allows manual command to the JBH automatic single-phase automatic contact (switch).



Sometimes, circumstances require the user to immediately manually command the single-phase contactor. Conditions such as malfunctions in the control circuit, failure of controllers such as PLC and thermostat, etc., maintenance issues, etc., make the role of the JBH automatic single-phase contactor (keyed) more prominent.



Advantages of JBH Automatic Single-Phase Manual Contactor (Key)

Sound off and on

1. In non-industrial environments such as residential homes, office commercial units and other cases where one of the challenges is the loud noise of disconnecting and connecting three-phase contactors. Using a single-phase contactor, low noise, such as the JBH automatic single-phase contactor, is eliminated.

Dimensions of electrical panel

2. A large number of contactors leads to an increase in the dimensions of the panel. With the use of JBH automatic single-phase contactor (key), due to its miniature dimensions, your frame size will be smaller, which means cost and space savings.

IP protection

3. In environments full of dust and pollution, one of the biggest problems is the cleaning and service of three-phase contactors. However, the JBH automatic single-phase contactor (keyed) with its high protection factor does not allow dust to enter and naturally eliminates the need for frequent services. This increases the life of the contactor, the absence of unreasonable and continuous noises from the contactor and the comfort of the operator.

Number of disconnections and connections

4. One of the important parameters in evaluating the contactor is the number of disconnections and connections, which indicates the mechanical life of the contactor. The connection of the JBH automatic single-phase manual contactors (keyed) is made of silver alloy, which guarantees high quality and switching.


5. And finally, the JBH warranty, which seals the quality of the product. Unconditional warranty 6 months replacement condition from the time of installation of JBH automatic single-phase manual contactor (switch).


Features of JBH automatic single-phase manual contactor (switch)

* Small miniature dimensions as a result of ease of use along with miniature fuses and excellent harmonics, which is very effective in the beauty of the final product
* High beauty compared to existing contactors
* Very low cut-off sound
* Dust resistant and therefore no noise
* It has two independent 25 amp contacts that can be increased up to 50 amps when bridging
* Ability to disconnect and connect power blades manually
* Ability to increase auxiliary contacts
* Has disconnect and reconnect display
* Has a manual mechanical lock

Application of JBH automatic single-phase manual contactor (switch)
  • In BMS, all controllers have low current relay outputs. On the other hand, consumers often need currents higher than the rated current of the relays. In these cases, JBH single-phase contactor with switch is the best solution for this issue. It is worth mentioning that in BMS, beauty is one of the most important parameters, which is met by JBH automatic single-phase contactor (switch).
  • Lighting
  • Air Conditioner
  • Single-phase irrigation pumps
  • Agricultural shoe pumps
  • Miner
  • element
  • Refrigerator
How to install JBH automatic single phase contactor


Pins A1 and A2 are used to power the coil to command the contactor. The user connects the contactor by applying 220V AC power to these two pins. This is how the contactor power blades are connected.


Pins 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the single-phase contactor are its power contacts. In the JBH single-phase contactor, if you are careful, pins 1 and 2 of the first bridge, and pins 3 and 4 of the second bridge of this two-bridge contactor. This means that if the contactor is connected, pins 1 and 2 are connected, and in this case the signal behind pin 1 is transmitted exactly to pin 2. This is also true for pins 3 and 4. The language is much simpler, if it is connected to pins A1 and A2 of 220V power supply, the virtual switch is connected between pins 1 and 2 and the virtual switch between pins 3 and 4. Now, this virtual switch is the same fixed and moving parts inside the contactor. They work with the help of a coil and spring according to Faraday’s important law and the description of this matter is detailed.


Technical specifications of single phase contactor
Product Name Automatic Single Phase Contactor
Order Code JRCT2-25M
Type ۲Pole
Control Voltage ۲۲۰VAC
Ue ۲۵۰VAC
Ui ۵۰۰VAC
Uimp ۲.۵Kv
AC7a Rating Current ۲۵A
Operating Temperature ۶۰+ ……۵-
Auxiliary ۱NO 1NC Optional
Switching ۱۰۰.۰۰۰cycle
(IP(Front/Back ۴۰/۲۰
Mounting DIN Rail 35 mm















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JBH Automatic Single Phase Manual Contactor (Key)

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