JBH contactors

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JBH contactors


JBH contactors


Click to get acquainted with the simple 25 amp single-phase contactor (JBH).

Click to get acquainted with single-phase contactor (JBH) dual 25 amp key.

JBH single phase contactor has unique features. Quality, beauty, amperage, quietness and miniature. The most important feature of this product is that it is miniature, which occupies 1/3 of the three-phase contactors in space. This in itself has a significant cost reduction in the electrical panel frame. Due to its sleek appearance with high IP and no need for seasonal maintenance, it has made the job easier. Therefore, it is a very good alternative for commanding single-phase consumers, which before this, the operator had to use a three-phase contactor. This product has two 25 amp bridges. There are two modes. The user wants a current lower than 25 amps single phase. In this case, one phase must pass that phase and the other bridge must pass zero. By passing the phase through two bridges, you will be able to draw current up to 50 amps. In fact, 50 amps for fully ohmic loads and 20 amps for fully selfie loads.

4 bridge contactor

JBH also has a product for three-phase applications. 4 amp 63 amp contactor that allows you to disconnect and connect in addition to three phases, null and three.

Auxiliary contact

Auxiliary contact is one of the optional products that is offered separately from the contactors. This product has an open blade and a closed blade that is connected to the side of the product as a side expansion.


All these products have a 1-year replacement warranty.

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