JBH thermometer signal light

چراغ سیگنال ترمومتر

Thermometer signal light























JBH thermometer signal light

The JBH thermometer signal light has a measuring range of 0-300 ° C. This product only has a round tip. Variety of red, yellow, green, white, and blue is another feature of the JBH thermometer signal light. It is worth noting that this thermometer signal light comes with its waterproof NTC temperature sensor.


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JBH thermometer signal light and how to install it

Applying 220V power to pins X1 and X2 turns on the JBH thermometer signal light. But due to the lack of sensor connection, it shows the temperature -20. Then connect the relevant sensor to the body of the signal to show you the temperature. Only test the metal part of the sensor in the test environment.


JBH signal thermometer and its uses

Electrical panel: One of the most important factors affecting the normal operation of electrical and electronic equipment inside the electrical panel is the temperature of the panel. With GHB signal thermometer

, You monitor the temperature inside the panel. If the temperature conditions become abnormal, take the necessary measures.

Greenhouse: In greenhouses and mushroom growing halls to be aware of ambient temperature

Poultry halls and devices: In poultry houses and incubators

The aquarium :  To know the instantaneous temperature of the aquarium to establish the ideal temperature conditions

Refrigerator and freezer: To monitor the instantaneous temperature of the refrigerator and freezer to know the correct operation of the thermostat and compressor

Miner: Know the temperature of the miner or farm Miner, to ensure the cooling system of the farm or panel

Fruit dryers or saffron dryers: Awareness of the operating temperature of the device


JBH temperature signal and its technical specifications


Round Termometer Lamp Indicator

Product Name
JRAD16-22C-R-(RD-YL-GR-WH-BL) Order Code
0 – 300 °C Measuring Range
NTC 10 K Sensor Type
1 % Accuracy
22 mm Diameter
Self Power Power Supply
-20 …. +50 °c Ambient Temp
(R-O-G-B-W) Colors
>30.000 Hour Life Time
>60 cd/m2 Brightness
Plastic Body Material
90° Beam Angel
54/20 IP(Front/Back)
10 pcs QTY:Per CTN
90 % R.Humidity
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