JBH ammeter signal light

امپرمتر سیگنالی jbh

JBH ammeter signal light

JBH ammeter signal light

JBH ammeter signal lamp has a measurement range of 0-100 amps. This signal ammeter is provided with the highest quality and lowest price along with its own current transformer (ct). Variety in the front panel is round and square. It is worth mentioning that the installation cut of both types of round 22 mm punch is similar to the old signals. Variety in red, yellow, green, white and blue colors is another feature of this range of GHB products.

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Application of JBH signal ammeter

One of the most important and main working conditions of electrical and electronic equipment is their normal flow. Our signal ammeter product gives you the vision to accurately and instantly measure current with high accuracy. Easy installation and quick replacement with old signal lights has made users pay attention to this product. You not only have a signal light but also a very beautiful and quality ammeter at an exceptional price.


How to install JBH ammeter signal light

To turn on the JBH ammeter signal light, supply a voltage between 20 and 500 volts to pins X1 and X2. In this case, it turns on and shows you zero current. To measure and display the current, simply connect the current transformer (ct) to the body of the signal lamp, then run the fuzzy wire you want to measure the current through the current transformer.


Uses of GBH digital signal lamp ammeter

  • Industrial electrical panels: To analyze the current consumption of equipment fed from the electrical panel
  • Household fuse box: For constant viewing and awareness of the consumption flow of residential, commercial and office units
  • Industrial Machinery :  User awareness of the amount of current consumed by the device to find out if the operating conditions of the device are normal or abnormal

Technical specifications of JBH signal ammeter


AC Round Ampermeter Lamp Indicator

Product Name



Order Code

0 – 100 A

Measuring Range


CT Accuracy Class

22 mm


Self Power

Power Supply

-20 …. +50 °c

Ambient Temp



>30.000 Hour

Life Time

> 60 cd/m2



Body Material


Beam Angel



10 pcs


90 %




امپرمتر سیگنالی

چراغ سیگنال امپرمتر JBH

امپرمتر سیگنالی JBH تیپ مربعی


تنها تفاوت چراغ سیگنال آمپرمتر مربعی با گرد ، تفاوت در قاب جلو و قیمت می باشد.این تیپ بواسطه طراحی مربعی قاب جلو ، زاویه دید بیشتری نسبت به تیپ گرد دارد.به لحاظ کارایی ، موارد مصرف و مشخصات فنی دقیقا مشابه با تیپ گرد می باشد.


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