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JBH Products

JBH Products

JBH products are divided into 5 general categories:



1.The new generation of signal light called JBH digital signal light (suitable for single-phase and 3-phase up to 100 amps)

With 10 different types: round voltmeter, square voltmeter, round ammeter, square ammeter, square volt ampere, square volt ampere, triple (frequency voltmeter) square, round frequency, round thermometer, round DC voltmeter

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چراغ سیگنال دیجیتال JBH . چراغ سیگنال ولتمتر . چراغ سیگنال آمپرمتر

JBH digital signal light




2.Power meter

View voltage, current, instantaneous power and energy consumption together in one product with very high accuracy.

2.1 AC spectrum

2.1.1 Single phase: includes two types: display, without display (Modbas)(Suitable up to 100 amps)

2.1.2 Three phases: Includes 1 type: 3-phase power meter Modbas display  (Above 100 amps)

2.2 DC spectrum: includes 1 single-phase type

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پاورآنالایزر JBH . پاورمیتر تک فاز . مولتی فانکشن

JBH power meter




3.Spectrum of JBH contactors

The new generation of single-phase contactor includes 3 types: single-phase dual-phase contactor 25 amps JBH, single-phase dual-phase contactor 25 amps JBH, single-phase contactor 63 amps simple JBH

3-phase spectrum includes 1 type: 4-pole 63 amp JBH contactor

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کنتاکتور تک فاز JBH . کنتاکتور تکفاز jbh

JBH contactors




High amp power protector that integrates 4 attractive products. Single-phase digital voltage protector, single-phase digital current protector, single-phase digital voltage display and powerful 63 amp ohm relay.

Includes 1 type: JBH adjustable single-phase voltage surge protector

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محافظ آمپرولت JBH . محافظ ولتاژ جریان . محافظ ساختمان . محافظ برق

JBH Amprolt Protector




5. Thermostat

Includes 4 types: Micro (temperature control 12 V 1 cooling / heating relay), ECO (220 V 1 cooling / heating relay), macro (220 V 2 cooling / heating relay), humidity (humidity temperature control 220 V 2 cooling / heating relay And dehumidifier / dehumidifier)

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ترموستات های JBH

JBH thermostats




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