Power Analyzer


JBH Power Analyzer


product introduction


JBH Power Analyzer is designed to measure network parameters and power control. This product measures parameters such as Line voltage, line-to-line voltage, current, frequency, cosine Phi, apparent power, active power per line, average active power, reactive power per line, average reactive power, total active energy consumption and total reactive energy consumption .

In addition, in systems that in one shift are consuming electricity from the grid and in the other shift are generating electricity and delivering it to the grid, this product has the ability to measure total energy consumption and total delivered energy. .


2. Control

In the discussion of power control, the user is able to define the maximum active power and the maximum reactive power on the device. If these two values ​​in the power grid exceed the set values, the device generates a control pulse so that the user can use it in the control circuit or PLC for control and protection.

3. Communication network

All measurable parameters and control and adjustment parameters can be received and sent through the RSU85 network installed on the product via the RS485 port.


Click on the link below to download the 3-phase power analyzer catalog directly.

 Catalog-Power Analyzer-3-phase.pdf



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