AC display single phase power meter

پاورمیتر تک فاز نمایشگر AC

AC display single phase power meter

AC display single phase power meter

In addition to displaying the parameters of voltage, current, power consumption and energy consumption with very high accuracy, the single-phase AC display power meter is able to store energy consumption in KWh. In case of power failure, energy consumption (KWh) is stored and will not be reset. In addition, the user is able to define the upper limit of power so that if the power is consumed more than the set value, the device flashes backlight.

This product is available in two current types of 20 amps and 100 amps.


Technical specifications of single phase AC display power meter

Voltage measurement range: 260-80 volts

Voltage display format: 260-80 volts

Current measurement range: Type 20 (0 to 20 amps without CT) / Type 100 (0 to 100 amps with CT)

Stream display format: 99.99-0

Power measurement range: 0 – 22 kW

Measurement and storage range of energy consumption: 09999 – 0 kWh

Measurement accuracy: Class 1

Dimensions of the front frame: length 89.6 mm, width 49.6 mm

Dimensions of the rear frame: length 84.6 mm, width 44.6 mm

Depth: 24.4 mm


How to apply the settings

  • Turn the backlight on or off

Press the settings button momentarily.

  • Adjust the power limit

Hold down the settings button for 5 seconds until the SET CLR phrase appears. Release the button as soon as the corresponding phrase appears. When the three-digit number related to power flashes, hold down the button to increase the first digit to your desired value. Then release the button and wait for the second digit to flash. After the second digit flashes, adjust the second digit according to the previous procedure. The third digit can be adjusted in the same way. After setting all the digits, hold down the button for 5 seconds to save the settings until the first window of the screen appears.

  • Reset the amount of energy consumed (KWh)

Hold down the Settings button for 5 seconds until SET CLR appears. Do not release the button. Release the button when the power consumption number appears and flashes. Perform a reset operation with a momentary push, and if you do not reset, hold the button for 5 seconds to return to the first window.



  • Home and business:  In the sub-branches of electricity in the topic of home, business and farm miner that people urgently need to be aware of their electricity consumption.
  • Machinery: In industrial machinery where people are interested in knowing the parameters of electricity input to the device and the amount of electricity consumption of the device.


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